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 In an environment challenged by lack of access to legal services due to cost, sterile representation, information paucity, Law2Go is a tangible, life changing and technically brilliant innovation to legal practice in Nigeria.

But why a Legal App/Website?
According to, we live in an era of breathless disruption, speeding toward “frictionless” existence courtesy of Amazon, google and other modern wonders.
There is an overwhelming need to bring legal access and practice to the door steps of technology through the combination of innovation and data. Law2Go is the answer to need for disruption in the legal sector via digital innovation.
Digital innovation is not the wave of the future – it’s essential for the moment and particularly for the legal access and practice, providing information on any legal situation and building a premise for efficient decision-making.
Law2Go is the meeting point for those who require legal advice, law research and legal services in Nigeria. Its desire is to have profound influence on legal practice in Nigeria by identifying the challenges in Nigeria’s legal sector and providing the innovation that will provide sustainable solutions for them.
A key component of its platform is collaboration with legal stakeholders to conceptualize a robust technology platform that would transform the legal sector in Nigeria. This means stronger partnership among legal practitioners and greater access to resources that would enable the legal sector to work as one.
Law2Go would open doors of opportunity for millions of Nigerians in need of legal aid, advice or representation. Again the migration from “estimate” to “accurate” as result of avalanche of legal resources on the platform has far reaching bottom-line implications for legal practice.
Law2Go is Innovation. People. Law. Possibilities.

Thank you Jake and the Law2Go team for this platform.



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Happy new year…Let me start this article by saying that I do believe in the project called Nigeria. Each day, for me, brings renewed hope that the labors of our heroes past shall not be in vain and our dearly beloved country would fulfill its potentials. With the largest population in Africa and the second biggest economy on the continent, I am yet to find any other nation that equals Nigeria in terms of her vast human and material resources. However, I have a concern which has metamorphosed into grief.

Nigeria is a country that when one thinks about its insistence on crawling to greatness, grief is the best consolation. This is a country full of hope and opportunity, yet chooses to engage in self-destruction by turning everything called reason upside down. Today we have chosen to bask in that which impedes our growth and sustainability as a nation. Our odd choices reflect an evil desire to remain a nation of unfulfilled potentials, and there are plenty of instances to draw from:  

Only in Nigeria do you find a former Governor who had been convicted for stealing from the State who entrusted him with governance responsibility, slated for payment of outstanding entitlements after his release from jail from the same tax payers’ money he plundered.

Only in Nigeria, do you find politicians who plundered the nation’s wealth suddenly procure judicial immunity as soon as they become members of the ruling party. The long arms of the law are restrained once they pledge loyalty to the “Oga at the top”. 

Only in Nigeria are there elections, re-run elections, re-rerun elections with the convenient excuse of our democracy being nascent.

Only in Nigeria are a people, who produce the wealth of the nation, denied an equitable share of the resource that binds the country together. Rather they are expected to be grateful for the “crumbs that fall off the master’s table”, while the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small minority.

Only in Nigeria do you find the Super Falcons train under less enviable circumstances, compete and win laurels for the country, only to return home and discover their entitlements cannot be paid because their dearly beloved country “did not expect their victory”. Of course, the paymasters were surprised that their structure which was supposed to aid failure propelled the ladies to excellence. One recalls with nostalgia, the arrival of kits for our Olympic athletes after the games closure – of course, it happens only in Nigeria.

Only in Nigeria are hapless people displaced due to the insurgency in the North East and deprived of basic living necessities, while their fellow countrymen divert funds meant for their upkeep to private pockets.

Only in Nigeria currently under the strains of recession, do you find a budget drafted to reward the political class with huge enumerations while the citizenry wallow in an extreme poverty aggravated by a foreign exchange policy that has made the Naira one of the world’s four worst performing currencies in 2016 (according to a report by Bloomberg LP). Not to forget the 2016 budget that was presented, stolen, represented, padded and unpadded, then finally passed.

Only in Nigeria do you find governance reduced to a family-affair where sensitive government portfolios & contracts are allocated to family members and cronies without regard for due process.

Only in Nigeria do you find herdsmen overrun farming communities, maiming, raping, looting and killing while the State that exists for the protection of lives and property folds its arms in conceited helplessness. 

As a country, we are lagging behind in the path of development. Once compared with Indonesia, Korea, Brazil, Singapore, we are now competing against failed states with constant penchant for majoring in the minor.

Africa’s largest gas reserves, yet Nigeria is still unable to provide electricity for its citizens.

Only in Nigeria is a citizen his/her own government. It means therefore you are your own police (vigilante), you provide water & electricity for yourself (dig boreholes & run generators) et cetera.

The problem with Nigeria is enormous but the solution is simple. Until we look at ourselves and realign our objectives as a nation by eliminating mediocrity and engaging our elected leaders in their actions and inactions, we will never reach our true potentials. We must task our leaders to develop sustainable frameworks of socio-political and economic development and also strengthen our justice system so that those that rape our resources would be punished, serving as a deterrent to others. We must agitate that our federalism guarantees equity, justice and progress to the various component units. We must understand the power of our votes in deciding those competent to hold positions of responsibility. Governance is passion. It is about having leaders who care about its citizenry. Only then in Nigeria can we move away from this current level which is far below our potential.

📸 : ABC News.

The Rivers Bourgeoise: The Rest of Us 


” Till a child visits other farms, he would grow up thinking that his father’s farm is the biggest farm in the land”.

I attended a town hall meeting yesterday called by one of the political aspirants for the March 19th 2016 Rivers State Re-election . This was occasioned by more of boredom and curiosity rather than an intent to support the candidate ( I am not a member of any political party). The event led me to some deep thought about our democracy, values and thought process. Sadly this event and indeed the events leading to the build up of the Rivers State March 19th 2016 rerun election has reinforced my belief that Nigeria’s democracy despite 16+years of uninterrupted civilian rule,is still nascent. 
The March 19th 2016 Rivers State rerun election has been characterized by unseen heights of mudslinging, character assassination, accusations, counter accusations, arson and quite tragically loss of human lives. It is rather unfortunate that most of the political leaders in the state have shown their intellectual incapacity by failing in distinguishing between issue based campaigns and clear insults or provocative comments. The result is the breeding of a new class of political followers, those who see anyone in the opposite camp as enemy regardless of ethnic, religious or even family ties. 
I have noticed for a while that Rivers state despite its human and material resources has tilted to a politically driven economy; where you have to belong to a political party or share the sentiments of a political ideology to eat “yams or jollof rice”. The result of this shift is a massive horde of young people queuing for “empowerment” handouts from their elected leaders.  

To be clear, there are still men and women of honor who in my opinion are capable of doing a good job if elected on Saturday. However, the majority are simply interested in extending their political hegemony and consolidating their ill gotten wealth.  

The quote at the beginning of this article was the opening statement from the candidate whom I attended his town council meeting. If we must develop our democracy, we must get to ignore those who seek to eliminate intellectual discourse from electoral campaigns. 

What Rivers State deserves in the next 24hrs are innovative leaders, connected to the grassroots with in-depth knowledge of solutions to the mounting problems of unemployment, youth restiveness, infrastructure decay, the list is endless. 

In the words of Prince Tony Princewill, ” Like whosever the politician you support, but Love Rivers State”.

I am Kelvin Okezie and #IStandForPeace on March 19th 2016 Rivers State Re-run election. 

NB: The scheduling of elections in Nigeria on Saturdays has disenfranchised a group of people, Seventh Day Adventists who worship God on 7th day as found in the Holy Bible. I belong to these group. 



The Nigerian professional football league has grown in leaps and bounds since the inception of the League Management Company (LMC), a body entrusted with running the Nigeria’s top tier football league.

The LMC has introduced a number of structural changes which has improved the standard of the league turning it into a viable brand now attracting television screening. These changes include but not limited to financial incentives, player welfare and of course setting up of informative social media accounts. Funding for the LMC has come via commercial partnership with a number of corporate organizations particularly Globacom, a Nigerian telecommunications giant currently the league title sponsor.

Globacom signed a three year contract worth about One Billion, Eight Hundred and Ninety Six Million, Seven Hundred and Thirty Thousand Naira with the League Management Company for the title sponsorship of the league. While acknowledging the contributions of the telecommunications giant to the development of the league, there is a glaring deficiency.

Nigeria Entertainment Today estimates that Globacom spends about One billion Naira on less than 27 ambassadors for the next one year. While Glo has signed on musicians, film stars and products of the entertainment industry, they need to do same for a league that they have invested in.

The Nigerian top tier league is blessed with an array of talents especially players who have a connection with the grassroots. Most of these players have had remarkable grass to grace experiences, braving harsh conditions to follow their dreams of becoming professional football players. Wouldn’t it be splendid if Glo a truly Nigerian company taps into the experiences of these players for its marketing activities? Imagine having the following players adorning Glo recharge cards; League’s all-time goal scorer Mfon Udoh, Abia Warriors goal poacher Chisom Chikatara who had to sell kolanuts on the streets of Umuahia, Dolphin’s safe hands Godwin Ayalogu who worked in morgue to pay his secondary school fees.

The effect of having local football heroes on the company’s recharge cards or adverts provides a realistic connection with communities most of whom have been contact with these football stars during their formative years. It does pass a message, one can achieve his dreams through perseverance.

The company can save costs steaming from huge endorsement deals and still capture the loyalty of the populace inspired by experiences of these football stars who persevered to glow.

2014 : A year where I went from being constantly worried and depressed to being optimistic and excited about life. In between was a rehab, which reminded me that what really matters in life is what you have become rather what you used to be. I knew it was time to cross the street and walk in sunshine.

2015: My feet is itching for the victory dance, to stare at failure with smiles of defiance.

Everyday I am learning to doubt my doubts, pressing beyond my weaknesses. In this life I am not allowed to give up. Things might not work the way I want but giving up isn’t an option. Even when I hit rock bottom, my eyes still gazes to the sky.

Life is my college. May I graduate well and earn some honors.

Dear 2015, Please be amazing😇

Happy new year.

Chimaoge “Perseus” Okezie
Elekahia Nigeria 8.36am 01.01.2015


Before It Falls Apart For Sharks FC

The steady fall of Sharks Football Club from the upper rungs of the Nigeria Professional Football League table has left many of the club’s supporters dumbfounded and shocked about a team that started this campaign showing a lot of promise with some modest results. Sharks was a
pleasant side whose subtle approach of patient build-up play caused problems for opposing sides both home and away.
The Blue Angels, under the tutelage of Gbenga Ogunbọtẹ became not only the toast of Rivers state fans but also in some other parts of the country where good football is appreciated. During their “peak period” in the first stanza, Sharks embarked on a surging run of 10 matches’ unbeaten sequence, claiming a win in Kaduna against Kaduna United whilst also notching a respectable draw at Warri Wolves.
The run was however ended in Jalingo when they conceded a last gasp goal against hosts FC Taraba. They would follow it up with two more defeats, first at Champions Kano Pillars and more disappointingly at home to Akwa United in the final match of the round. Last weekend’s loss to a struggling Crown FC has made the most ardent supporter to press the panic button.
Like the biblical Lucifer, Sharks fell from their high heavens into the deep. From being placed 1st in Week 16 to a lowly 11th after Week 24’s round of matches and just four points above the drop zone.

“How art thou fallen from the heavens, O Sharks, the Blue Angels…?” Were there signs at all before this sharp decline? Can anything still be done to salvage the current campaign? What should they now realistically focus on achieving having seen how things have panned out? These are some of the questions on the lips of fans & admirers of Sharks which are begging for answers.
In answering the latter, I can say yes, the campaign can still be rescued. Something good can still come out of the campaign for Sharks seeing there is still a third (1/3) of the season left to play. Unfortunately, the mid-season break has done more harm than good to the team during which they lost two key players Ajani Ibrahim and Ifeanyi Inyiam, experienced campaigners in the league depleting a squad lacking depth.
Sharks started the season with the intent of a getting a continental ticket, a target still achievable if the players, technical crew and sponsors work assiduously to achieve this. The available players must be ruthless in dealing with opposition especially during home matches and tactically disciplined in away games while club sponsor must ensure that any outstanding salaries and match bonuses must be paid immediately.
The city derby match against Dolphins provides a unique opportunity to arrest the slide down the table. Sharks must start biting and bite real hard.


Dear Boko Haram

Good evening

I don’t intend to take your time and will make this letter simple to understand. I hope you all (sponsors, leaders, followers and sympathizers) get to read and absorb every single word of this letter. I believe that there are still a few good men in your ranks, men still with a conscience and an understanding that violence is never a solution to any problem.

It’s about this time 10days ago, when some members of your sect stormed the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok and shattered the peace of the night by abducting over a 100 of our children ferrying them into the Sambisa Forest. There’s a little doubt that our children are being held under dehumanizing conditions. It can only be imagined what they have undergone in the past days or what they have subjected to.

Please note that our children are being put in harm’s way, affected by a conflict they did not create. These kids wanted a better future for themselves now halted by your guns and “religious ideology”.

It is this religious ideology which we have a problem with. The religion which you portray as the basis of your campaign, neither promotes maiming, kidnapping or killing of any one for any reason. It is obvious that your campaign is mis-guided, borne out of your attempt to promote a hidden agenda using religion as a smoke screen.

You have added to the myriad of challenges that this country is facing, creating waves of violence unprecedented in our country’s history. This year alone 1,500 people have been killed in fighting, compared to an estimated 3,600 between 2010-2013, this is just official statistics.

Like you, we have sometimes been frustrated with the Nigerian experience and history; absence of basic social amenities, poor infrastructural facilities, corruption, bad governance to mention a few. Maiming, kidnapping, raping and killing wouldn’t solve the challenges of this country, it will only add up to its inexhaustible To-Do List.

We have had to grapple with one square meal (or even less) while coping with squeezing out of our meagre resources to guarantee our children a future through formal education. Some of us parents have been brave enough to enter the Sambisa forest, such is a parent’s love. These past 10 days have been the worst of our lives, but we are united in hope that our girls will soon be returned safely.

Pause and Ponder…

1) What role will our kidnapped children play in your campaign of terror – be used as sexual slaves or human shield? Does your religion or “ideology” condone that?

2) Haven’t you tried dialogue and interaction as tools to promote your ideology, it’s a bloodless process that wins hearts rather than attract hate.

3) You are targeting the poor, innocent citizens of this county – those in the upper echelon of the society you will barely get at courtesy of their wealth, influence which can guarantee an every present security shield around themselves, family members and business interest.

4) There a number of you with kids, imagine if someone took them away to unknown destination & subject to physical, psychological & mental pain.

Need we say more … Please BRING BACK OUR GIRLS


Kelvin Okezie Jr

Change The You

The past two weeks in my life have been a malady of emotions. Most times , I have wished to turn back the hands of time to have the opportunity of righting my wrongs. Other times, I have wished for a migration to a place of peace to exist without a single memory of these events. Gradually I had to look for a place of solitude, first from God’s word & then in expressing myself.

Like many other people, I have looked around at my life circumstances & told myself “I don’t like this, and I don’t like that, and THAT is definitely not acceptable!”

Sincerely one can expend a lot of energy and time trying to change these outer situations, and maybe you even try to change the people in your life so they’ll behave in ways that please you.

Inevitably, you realize that even if you succeed in making positive changes in your outer life, before long those conditions will revert back to the way they were before – or get even worse.

Why does this happen?

Most of the time, it the SOURCE of the problem which is often neglected is you. Are you familiar with the concept that the world around you is merely a reflection of whatever is going on inside of you?

When you feel depressed and dejected, your outer world seems stressful and confusing. When you feel angry, you seem to experience more events and people that trigger your anger even more. Obviously, this is not done purposely – and in fact, much of the time you may not even see a connection between your inner state and your outer experiences, but it’s there if you look closely enough.

The best way to create lasting positive changes in your outer surroundings is to first focus on making positive changes within yourself.

What kind of changes?

– Be peaceful and forgiving ( Forgiving those who hurt you doesn’t help them, it helps you)
– Be more patient and understanding.
– Be more confident about yourself and your abilities. ( don’t forget you are unique & special).
– Quieting your mind, nurturing your spirit; pursue healthy living.
– Releasing negativity and choosing to be happy in the present moment.

I am learning that when you devote time each day to growing yourself and improving yourself on the inside, you will start to see corresponding changes happening outside of you. The more peaceful you become, the more peaceful your life becomes. The happier you feel, the better your life circumstances become.

If there are no ups and down in your life, then you be must dead. If you have never been scared, embarrassed or hurt, it means you will never take chances. Life is just a script to play, the good news is you can choose which character to play.

If you have or presently experiencing the doldrums of life,

P – Pray
U- Unceasingly Until
S- Something
H- Happens.

You may not need understand today or tomorrow, but God will reveal why you went through everything you did.

There will be a couple of hard times in your life, but these will make you a purposeful person in the end.

Enjoy being a work in progress, never regret whatever that made you smile and don’t give up on your happiness.


Live and Love Life

A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet. He held up a sign which said: “I am blind, please help.” There were only a few coins in the hat. A man was walking by. He took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat. He then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words. He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words. Soon the hat began to fill up. A lot more people were giving money to the blind boy. That afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were. The boy recognized his footsteps and asked, “Were you the one who changed my sign this morning? What did you write?” The man said, “I only wrote the truth. I said what you said but in a different way. “I wrote: ‘Today is a beautiful day; but I cannot see it.'”Both signs told people that the boy was blind. But the first sign simply said the boy was blind. The second sign reminded people how fortunate they were to have their sight. Should we be surprised that the second sign was more effective?

We need to be creative and innovative, Thinking differently and positively. When life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile. Remember when you complain, that a whole lot of people out there face more dire and grim situations than you are experiencing. Live and love Life!

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